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December 4, 2008

New: Stiska shirts for Men

Stiska is like a Steven Alan shirt meets Comme Des Garcon.

Stiska, Sundance shirt in globin $95.00 **SOLD OUT**
This shirt has a great color combination and the usual design antics of Stiska that will have you intrigued.

An elongated sleeve placket with a fold over sleeve cuff and an abstracted breast pocket.

Here you can see the sleeve cuff opened up revealing a contrasting color underneath.

December 3, 2008

New: Stiska shirts for Men

Stiska: 4 Star shirt in gunpowder $95.00 **SOLD OUT**

seam detail.
This tone on tone shirt has a lot of hidden design treatments like the split seam yoke seen here.

The cuff detail and the mix of button colors is a nice touch.

Back view. Here we shot the shirt with a back light to showcase the extreme seam work that makes up the back side.**SOLD OUT**

October 9, 2008

Just in: Stiska shirts - Men

Stiska, a great design house out of San Diego has sent us some brilliant shirts for you guys who like your clothes to have a whole lot of attitude.

Stiska, Unleaded button down shirt in blue/black plaid $85.00 **SOLD OUT**
This shirt has a lot of amazing details and thought put into its design. The paid pattern switches direction from straight up and down to cut on the bias. This manipulation of pattern really gives this shirt a unique spin.

detail shot

Stiska, Drill button down shirt in black/white $89.00**SOLD OUT**
From a distance you would think that this shirt is just your basic black and white buffalo check button down. This is Stiska were talking about nothing is just basic with their shirts.
Like the Unleaded shirt above the Drill shirt plays with pattern direction as in the placket, breast pockets and even on a portion of the left sleeve closer to the cuff.

Back view
A clean look with a bias cut shoulder yoke.

A double edged collar on one side.

July 25, 2008

New: Stiska

Another bold statement by the guys at Stiska...
We shot these images with a back light to really show off the ingenuity of its seam work and details. The fabric is a white stripe cotton for the main body and it is mixed with another stripe that has white, a faint lilac and a lurex stripe.

Stiska: Dream Shirt in Helio $89.00**SOLD OUT**
This shirt is a mix of classic western inspiration with an architectural twist.

Stiska: Dream (front yoke detail)**SOLD OUT**
The pieces above the top breast pockets act as pocket flaps.

Stiska: Dream (back yoke detail)

New: Stiska

We are excited to be stocking a new label out of Los Angeles called Stiska.
Stiska is the brain child of two guys who are really creating a new vision for the men's button down shirt. The modern details are exquisite and strong but done in a beautiful subtle way. Get ready to fall in love with Stiska.

Stiska: Brigadier Shirt in white with black pinstripe and navy cuffs $89.00**SOLD OUT**

Stiska: Brigadier Shirt**SOLD OUT**
A mix of different color buttons on the bottom placket and cuff add
a great splash to this not so typical shirt. The cuff is done in a navy cotton for
a graphic impact.

Stiska: Brigadier Shirt
The front yoke has the stripes running on the bias while the pocket fabric runs
in the opposite direction. The upper portion of the placket is hidden with buttons underneath while the rest of the placket is more traditional.

Stiska: Brigadier Shirt